• British film-makers ask: What is the hidden cost of your £2 latte? (David Smith)
  • WAKE-UP CALL; Two British brothers have struck a global nerve with their low-budget documentary about the inequities of the international coffee trade. Your skinny latte will never taste the same again.
  • It threatens to... shock consumers into thinking again about what they are buying... Starbucks is now spearheading a public relations counter-attack (Ben Hoyle)
  • 'Blood Diamond' and 'Black Gold' are just the latest in a recent glut of movies dealing with the supply chain. (Ann Hornaday)
  • Starbucks has gone on a charm offensive telling its customers 'you can feel good about drinking Starbucks coffee (Ashley Seager)
  • Bean counters; Vices of coffee trade and coffee house: exploiting the growers, sleeping in Starbucks, quackery and gabbling (Bee Wilson)
  • Storm in a coffee cup: Coffee expose Black Gold riled multinationals in the US and is now raising awareness in the UK. Chris Evans speaks to film-makers Marc and Nick Francis about taking on the world's second largest export industry. (Chris Evans)
  • Rising Stars; Marc and Nick Francis - Filmmakers (Emma Love)
  • Black Gold is the best film on trade policy you are likely to see Leader
  • Wake Up and Smell the coffee - a new generation of filmmakers is rebelling for a cause Jeff Dawson
  • Starbucks stirred by fair trade film: Representative of Ethiopian farmers to meet Blair as expose of industry released Ashley Seager
  • Black Gold is the latest in a growing genre of documentary films shaking up the business world.
  • 40 under 40; Britain is buzzing with a generation of charismatic young faces who are reshaping the nation. Derren Gilhooley introduces the New Establishment. Derren Golhooley