Press reviews

Quote Source/Author
“EXCELLENT - angry, good-humoured and essential.” OBSERVER
(Philip French)
“Hauntingly human by exploring the plight of Ethiopian coffee farmers whose appalling poverty is laid at the door of a few multinationals and us uninformed consumers” THE MAIL ON SUNDAY
(Angie Errigo)
“Black Gold is galvanising audiences wherever it plays” OBSERVER
(David Smith)
“everyone should see it” DAILY MIRROR
“STIMULATING - Black Gold has roused sufficient outrage to frighten some of the biggest coffee corporations into justifying their buying practices” SUNDAY HERALD
(Adam Forrest)
“Riveting and jaw-dropping..” LA TIMES
(Carina Chocano)
“Remarkable - A moving but scandalous story. Black Gold has extraordinary power” DAILY TELEGRAPH
(David Gritten)
“Visually ravishing... The Francises are aces behind the camera” VARIETY
(Robert Koehler)
“provocative and well made” SIGHT AND SOUND
(Geoffrey Macnab)
“chilling” TOTAL FILM
(Jamie Russell)
“Scathing, Vivid and Galvanising” TIME OUT New York
(Mark Holcomb)
“Starbucks has gone on a charm offensive telling its customers 'you can feel good about drinking Starbucks coffee' ” THE GUARDIAN
(Ashley Seager)
“Poetic and hard-hitting critique of the global coffee industry... Beautifully shot and edited” WASHINGTON POST
(Ann Hornaday)
“It threatens to... shock consumers into thinking again about what they are buying... Starbucks is now spearheading a public relations counter-attack” THE TIMES
(Ben Hoyle)
“MESMERIZING... a cup of coffee from the corner shop might perk up one's afternoon, but possibly so on the backs of starving families a world away.” THE SEATTLE TIMES
(Tom Keogh)
“Black Gold tells an unresolved modern version of the age-old David and Goliath story” NEW YORK TIMES
(Stephen Holden)
“After watching Nick and Marc Francis' film Black Gold, you might want to add an extra shot of conscience to your cup.” LONDON EVENING STANDARD
(Alastair Mckay)
“Compelling... it'll make you think deeply about what's going into that cup.” GLOBE AND MAIL
(Jason McBride)
“a mature and moving piece of work..” FILM REVIEW
(James Mottram)
“a film that shuns froth for plain facts...a galvanising wake-up call” DAZED AND CONFUSED
(Hannah Lack)
“...this highly informative documentary by British brothers Marc and Nick Francis is a model of patient storytelling.” VILLAGE VOICE
(Rob Nelson)
“Guaranteed to make you think twice about what you're paying for what you're drinking.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE
(Michael Phillips)
“ 'Blood Diamond' and 'Black Gold' are just the latest in a recent glut of movies dealing with the supply chain.” WASHINGTON POST
(Ann Hornaday)
“Black Gold is the latest in a growing genre of documentary films shaking up the business world.” INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE
(Associated Press)
“the filmmakers have done their homework and the film is compelling.” Exclaim
(Alan Tong)
“You will need to watch Marc and Nick Francis's remarkable Black Gold, one of the strongest documentaries I've seen...” The Nation
(Stuart Klawans)
“fascinating.” San Francisco Chronicle
(Delfin Vigil)
“As bracing as a double espresso” Toronto Star
(Geoff Pevere)
“Gorgeously-shot... Black Gold shows that improving human rights can sometimes be as simple as paying more for your morning coffee.” Film Critic
(Chris Barsanti)
“Compelling, beautifully shot feature-length debut” Premiere
Jessica Letkemann
Video Reviews
“Black Gold looks at the dark world of coffee” CNN - Quicktime Video
(Richard Roth)