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Black Gold DVD

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DVD Extras

  • Directors' Q&A - Al-Jazeera Fabulous Picture Show
  • Directors' Q&A with Channel 4's Jon Snow
  • Live at Sundance / The Making of the Soundtrack
  • Tadesse - The Latest
  • A Message from Tadesse - What You Can Do
  • Trailer
  • Language Options - Subtitles: French, Spanish, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese - Complex (PAL version only)
  • Language Options - Dubbed: Amharic (PAL version only)
Running Time: 74 mins


As westerners revel in designer lattes and cappuccinos, impoverished Ethiopian coffee growers suffer the bitter taste of injustice. In this eye-opening expose of the multi-billion dollar industry, Black Gold traces one man's fight for a fair price.